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The City (Day) is an area that is unlocked further into the game. Its frequent finds are rare weapon parts, medical components, and snacks.


  • Bitten Police Officer
  • Head Nurse
  • Hideous Rager
  • Infected Civilian
  • Infected Nun
  • Infected Patient
  • Infected Police Officer
  • Rabid Prisoner
  • Raging Vagrant
  • Undead Assassin
  • Undead Brawler
  • Undead Civilian
  • Undead Groupie
  • Undead Gunfighter
  • Undead Hobo
  • Undead Scavenger
  • Waking Prisoner
  • Zombie Clown (boss)


Abandoned car
The group finds an abandoned car. The trunk seems untouched and may contain items of use. Trunks often contain rations, snacks or first aid supplies. This one is locked.
  • Try to open (Cunning) - success: rations/snacks/first aid supplies, failure: fight
  • Ignore
Abandoned delivery van
You discover an abandoned delivery van which has been left open. There are a few crates inside in which you might materials or maybe even tools.
  • Looting - success: random loot, failure: fight
  • Ignore
Abandoned house
The group discovers an abandoned, but locked house in a clearing; an ideal potential source for materials, ammunition parts or ammunition. Beware of scavengers.
  • Lock picking (Cunning) - success: random loot, failure: ambush
  • Move on

As with all ambush consequences, make sure your characters are not low on health before attempting this, since an ambush guarantees a full round of damage.

Abandoned police car
An abandoned police car. The perfect place to look for weapons and gear. It could also prove to be dangerous.
  • Search - success: random loot, failure: ambush
  • Move on
Abandoned rest stop
The group discovers an abandoned rest stop. You carefully pick a path through the building while trying not to attract attention. With luck, you'll find something edible.
  • Looting - success: rations/snacks?, failure: ?
  • Ignore
You happen upon a ragged, hungry looking young boy. He pleads for your help.
  • Give the boy some food (Rations.png x2) (reward: ammunition ?)
  • Offer medical assistance (Medical) - success: ammunition, failure: ambush
  • Ignore the boy and move on - ambush

The boy frequently seems to give gold ammunition, making helping him will worth it. Often however, he will give you nothing. If you ignore him or fail when offering medical assistance you will be ambushed, so be careful.

Crate (wired)
You find a crate. The lid seems to be connected to something inside by a wire of some sort.
  • Try to open (Cunning) - success: random loot, failure: damage
  • Ignore
Flea market
You find an abandoned flea market. This could be a great place to find snacks, ration (sic) and materials. It could also be dangerous.'
  • Look around - success: snacks/rations/materials, failure: ambush
  • Move on
You find a graveyard in the city. This could be a good place to find clothing parts, bandages or materials. It is also full of shuffling undead. You must remain very quiet.
  • Search (Survival) - success: random loot, failure: ?
  • Move on
The farther areas of the city come with new dangers. You find an inmate locked in a cell. It could be a trap, but there might be things worth taking. <new msg> "Hey! Ley me out of here, and I'll make it worth your while. Come on. I know what it looks like, but you can trust me!".
  • Con the con (Intelligence) - success: random loot, failure: ?
  • Move on
School bus
You discover a school bus which has been left open. A bus could contain general supplies and sometimes objects of value left by the driver. Beware of scavengers.
  • Search - success: random loot, failure: ambush
  • Move on
Subway platform
You found the entrance to a subway platform. This could be a great place to find snacks, materials and weapon parts. It is also potentially dangerous.
  • Look around - success: random loot, failure: ambush
  • Move on
You see a group of survivors in the distance. They seem to be looking around with mistrust. You consider whether you should approach or avoid them, you hear a noise from the side.

"Psst hey, perfect timing. We were just checking out that group there and planning on helping ourselves to their stuff. But why dirty our hands when you'll do just as well?"

"Rob that group. Kill one of them to scare the rest. Let them run off and leave their packs behind. But make sure you only kill one of them."

"As compensation for your services we'll give you <item>"

  • Take the Deal
  • Refuse the Deal

Killing the whole group results in a fight with the punks. You don't seem to get the original reward upon defeating them. Beware that sometimes even complying with their request and forcing the group to surrender will still result in a fight with the punks.

In the maze-like city alleyways, you happen across a trader offering lucrative deals on equipment.

The trader offers <item> for <item>. You have # <item>.

  • Buy
  • Steal (Survival) - failure: fight/ambush?
  • Move on
Unlocked truck
You find a truck with unlocked doors. Trucks are great for providing materials, tools and sometimes gear left by the driver. Beware of scavengers.
  • Search - success: random loot, failure: ambush
  • Move on