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Attributes are data that represent a character's basic physical and mental abilities. A character's attributes can be improved by increasing the corresponding skills and by wearing equipment that grants the appropriate bonuses.


"The amount of currently available, as well as maximum health, is derived from the Constitution attribute"
See the constitution attribute below.


"Increased Constitution results in a greater health pool for a combatant."
A character's maximum health pool is determined by its constitution. The value can be calculated by multiplying the constitution value by 5. You can raise your constitution 3 points for every point put into the Medic skill. By assigning maximum points to the medic skill a character can have an additional 150 HP.


"Strength allows a combatant to attack more effectively with melee weapons, dealing more damage."
Strength affects melee damage. Strength can be raised by putting points into the Melee Weapon.


"Increased Reflexes allow a combatant to attack faster and have a chance to deal a preventive strike. Additionally, the chance to block increases by one third per Reflex Point."
Reflexes affects character's turns. Characters with higher Reflexes get to act first. It also affects chance to block (Each 3 Reflex points increases Block chance by 1%)
Reflexes can only be raised by equipment.


"Increased Perception results in increased damage when using Pistols, Assault rifles and shotguns."
Perception affects minimum and maximum damage of firearms. Perception is increased by raising any of the 3 firearms skill, making it the easiest to improve.


"Increased intelligence results in more effective damage done by poison, splinter and fire damage."
Intelligence affects damage by Engineering attacks and traps. It is increased by raising Engineering combat skill.

Critical Hits

"Critical Hits increase the damage of an attack by 50%. This can result in devastating damage when performing chain attacks. Raising the Survival skill level increases the chance of Critical Hits."
Chance to block is increased by raising the Survival skill.

Chance to Block

"Blocking an attack reduced (sic) the damage received by 50% and prevents negative status effects like Stun, or K.O. The attribute Reflex increases the chance to block by a third."'
Chance to block is increased by raising the Cunning skill.


"Defense reduces damage taken by melee, throwing weapons and firearms."
Defense is increased by raising Craft skill.


"Resistance reduces damage taken by fire, traps or poison."
Resistance is increased by raising Medicine skill.